Pamplona Sports

Pelota vasca (Basque ball)

One of the most popular sports throughout the Basque country is known as "pelota vasca", or Basque ball. The game originated long ago from the simple pasttime of hitting or throwing a ball against a building. Nowadays, there are several variations. Played on what's known as a "frontón", a type of court specifically for pelota vasca, players hit the ball with their hand, a paddle, a racket, a bat or a basket-like contraption. This final variation is popular known internationally as "jai alai". There are several frontóns located throughout Pamplona, for example in the Ciudadela park, where you can catch a match or two.

Football: Club Atlético Osasuna

In Spain, football isn't so much a sport as it is a religion. The faithful flock to bars and pack into the city's football stadium - El Sadar - to cheer on the local football team: Club Atlético Osasuna. Osasuna, whose name derives from the Basque word for health or strenght, plays in Spain's top division - La Primera División - and in recent years has made numerous appearances in major Spanish and European tournaments.

Club Atlético Osasuna
Stadium: Reyno de Navarra, "El Sadar"
Address: C/ Sadar, s/n
Telephone: 948 152 636
Official website:

Handball: Portland San Antonio

Pamplona's handball team, Portland San Antonio, plays in Spain's top handball league - the Liga ASOBAL - and is one of the best teams in the country. Much like football in its objectives and rules of play, handball is a team sport in which two teams of seven players bounce and pass the ball trying to successfully throw it into the opposing team's goal. Like the city's football team, Pamplona's handball team has made numerous appearances in premier tournaments throughout Spain and Europe.

Portland San Antonio
Stadium: Pabellón Universitario de Navarra
Address: Campus de Arrosadía (part of Public University of Navarra)
Telephone: 948 235 055
Official website: